Assembly Hall Looking Into 2017 & Beyond: SOLE E25 vs Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro Review

The Assembly Hall are looking into future fitness equipment investments, these are our current thoughts on our equipment going into 2017 and beyond; the Sole E25 elliptical vs Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro review.

Fitness experts and enthusiasts are going gaga over the latest exercising machines that have been doing rounds. The newer models of the traditional one though still stand as a strong competitor to the new entrants. The elliptical trainers remain the most modest but best machines that help you in imitating your normal foot movement in smooth and continuous flow. The Sole Ellipticals, such as the Sole E25 Elliptical, are widely known for producing one of the simplest but efficient ellipticals that don’t throw you in fix with their technical jargon, find out more here. The Nordic Track ellipticals, such as the NordicTrack AutoStrider 990, on the other hand are known for their high performance and solid dynamic features on the cost of some other essential factors.

A brief comparison and mini-review between the two is provided to get the complete picture.

sole e25 elliptical 2

1. Framing – Different Reviews:

The Sole E25 employs a solidly built 38 mm steel frame that has enough capacity to bear heavy weights as much as 350 lbs. Known for its strong built, the heavy durable frame is one feature that stands it apart from its contenders. The oversized foot pedals with a two degree inward slant can reduce the knee and ankle stress substantially. The heavy base gives it enough support to bear heavy weights at high speed. With any other elliptical, you can expect a person of 250 lbs or more to be thrown over by the sheer force at high speeds but the enormous framing and firm base of Sole E25 will provide you with an exhilarating experience.

The custom designed foot pedals are an excellent addition to give it a more personalized touch.

The Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro is an elliptical you must purchase if you don’t have much space to place the machine. After completing the workout, you can easily fold the base up and save a lot of space. Power inclines, adjustable strides and transport wheels presence make it an excellent competitor with Sole E25.

2. Sole E25 Elliptical & AutoStrider 990 Display:

The Sole E25 features has an electronic console that has a flashy back lit LCD display in deep blue color. The electronic console comes with a speaker to hold your iPod or MP3 so that you can enjoy music while working out. The console also boasts a built-in cooling fan and a water bottle holder.

The Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro on the other hand includes a seven inch back-lit iFit display. Contrary to the Sole E25 elliptical, it has an alphanumeric message center. All the important stats are displayed here; your distance, time, speed, incline, calories and pulse rate.

It provides a great way to keep track of all the factors.

sole e25 elliptical console

sole e25 elliptical console 2

3. Pulse monitors:

The Sole E25 has stationary handle bars which have the built-in pulse sensors that exclusively keep track of your heart rate. For the more concerned ones, a chest strap-on to more accurately measure your heart rate is also provided.

The Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro on the other hand has EKG Heart rate pulse monitor that serves the same function as described earlier.

4. Adjustable resistance:

The Sole E25 has additional resistance that can be obtained through the power incline features. The incline ramp can be raised to any desired position by simply pushing a button. The ramp angle provides option of various adjustable positions. Twenty different incline positions can be selected to provide diverse workout options.

The Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro has twenty four different resistance levels that offer you great variety in your work out plan. The incline plane position can be quickly adjusted with the help of integrated quick touch handle controls.

A fast incline of 15% to 40% can be achieved by handling the control rightly.

5. On board program selection:

The on board program selection feature in Sole E25 is very strong. With a variety of options to help you in achieving your fitness goals, the Sole E25 has auto programs and the manual mode too for those who need cluster free resistance and incline adjustment. For those who enjoy workout programs, Sole E25 offers a lot of attractive and fun programs to accelerate your routine.

sole e25 elliptical left

sole e25 elliptical right

The on-board program selection in Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro is weakly designed. With very few options available for heart rate, work out and interval programs, it blatantly misses out the general important ones. Instead the focus is upon the muscle group targeting programs.

The deficiency can be fulfilled though if you have iFit membership since it implies access to hundreds of online work out modules.

6. Sole Fitness & NordicTrack Warranties:

The Sole E25 offers an additional three years warranty on electronic parts and a one year warranty on labor. The life time warranty stands in place along with these additional guarantees. The solid guarantees of Sole E25 make it an instant favorite with the peddlers.

On the other hand, the Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro though offers a life time warranty but it performs poorly when it comes to electrical parts warranty in comparison with other strong contenders in the market.

Warranties are an important determinant in the final purchase of an elliptical.

7. Sole E25 & AutoStride 990 Elliptical Pricing:

The Sole E25 is considered a strong and efficient elliptical according the views of experts and reviews of users. With all its attractive features, it stands at a price tag of $999.

The Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro on the other hand is mainly preferred due to its foldable base that is a plus point when you do not have much space in the house.

sole e25 elliptical 1

The Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro comes at a price tag of $1,499.

The shipping and assemblage charge for both also vary with assembly charges of Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro standing at $249 and the assembly charges of Sole E25 standing at $239.

Before choosing a one, it is essential that you go through all the prominent features and put off points of Sole E25 and Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro. Often a last minute distinction is made with some going for the high quality heart rate monitors of Sole E25 while others opt for the excellent display of Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro. Apart from this, distinction is also made on the on-board program selection features, in which Sole E25 takes the win. Other features upon which a wide selection is made is the adjustable stride length.

References & Consumer Reviews:

Sole E25 elliptical provides a 20 inch stride length whereas Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro provides a variable stride length of 20 to 23 inch.