Coronavirus COVID-19 Assembly Hall

Update: 22nd November 2021: Assembly Hall closely follows the news and regulations regarding the world-wide outbreak of the coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19. All the pieces of the puzzle fit together, but the fear that the killer virus could be a direct agent of destruction to mankind would remain as well. Researchers say their findings may have […]

Assembly Hall Looking Into 2017 & Beyond: SOLE E25 vs Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro Review

The Assembly Hall are looking into future fitness equipment investments, these are our current thoughts on our equipment going into 2017 and beyond; the Sole E25 elliptical vs Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro review. Fitness experts and enthusiasts are going gaga over the latest exercising machines that have been doing rounds. The newer models of the […]

Under construction

Under construction. Facility overview, calendar of events, ticket information, student ticket lottery, and mailing list. The Assembly Hall is a large dome-shaped indoor fitness arena and center for elliptical fitness.