New Assembly Hall Equipment: Sole E95 elliptical review

The Assembly Hall is investing in new equipment, and the following is review of the Sole E95 elliptical machine geared for those individuals that may be on the lookout for the ideal exercise machine to invest in.

This product is undoubtedly one of the many popular ellipticals for sale that comes at a comparative affordable price tag. Most especially when you take into consideration its features and functionalities. With this exercise equipment you will be able to effortlessly work out both your body’s lower and upper sections without having to invest in two separate machines, i.e. ElliptiGO. The E95 also features plenty of innovative features that make sure you can significantly reduce the risks of injuries that are prevalent in most other alternatives.

sole e95 elliptical 1


sole e95 elliptical 2


Let us now take a closer look at what the Sole E95 elliptical has to offer.

The Sole E95 elliptical comes with a straightforward LCD console, quiet drive system and 34 lbs flywheel.

sole e95 elliptical console 1

sole e95 elliptical console 2

This Sole Elliptical E95 2015 model comes with a commercial grade 9” blue LCD display (favorable reviews by Men’s Fitness) that is extremely easy to use, and offers virtually all the functionalities of a health club machine. Through this console’s various windows you will be able to accurately monitor critical variables such as distance, calories burned, speed and even pulse rate. This one of a kind console has built-in cooling fans and a handy water bottle holder, both of which can make your workouts infinitely more convenient. It also features built-in speakers that you can connect with your iPod or MP3 player to able to listen to your favorite tunes while exercising.

sole elliptical e95 speakers

The E95 integrates a total natural fluid motion operation that is facilitated by its quiet drive system. While also been a position to function in both forward and reverse motion, which enables you to select the ideal mode that matches your needs and preferences. This elliptical machine also comes with a suitable combination of a 34 pounds flywheel and a high gear ratio that cannot be found in most alternatives within its price range. Using the Sole E95 elliptical, this allows for a smooth feel that factors in loads of resistance at the top end for a much more vigorous workout.

Power incline, comprehensive workout of both lower and upper body sections in ellipticals on sale

This kind of revolutionary ellipticals on sale also has a power incline functionality that provides extra resistance and permits the execution of variable workout positions.

Ensuring the user can easily diversify his or her exercise regimen by simply pressing a button. This machine’s ramp angle can is totally adjustable from the 0 degrees position to a maximum of 40 degrees.

sole e95 ramp angle

This allows users to comprehensively target individual core muscles found in the lower part of the body. The E95 also features an upper body workout functionality that provides for total body exercising to enable the user to realize his or her fitness objectives in a relatively hassle-free manner.

Adjustable hand grips, hands-free heart rate monitoring

This elliptical machine also comes with an adjustable hand grip for an infinitely more comfortable workout with incline and resistance buttons integrated into the handles.

sole elliptical e95 hand grips

It features stationary handlebars that have built-in pulse sensors that facilitate for effective heart rate monitoring. The whole package includes a wireless heart rate chest strap that offers hands-free pulse rate monitoring. This device has been thoroughly analyzed and proven to have a remarkable accuracy of 99.9% which speaks volume of the capabilities of this exercise equipment.

Not to mention its been compatible with 6 automatic workout programs and 2 fully customizable ones.

Oversized foot pedals, 4 rear wheels on the Sole elliptical E95 model

The Sole Fitness E95 features unique oversized foot pedals which have been overlaid with long lasting foam cushioning to enhance the comfort of the user.

sole elliptical e95 foot pedals

These foot pedals were designed hand in hand with an acclaimed physical therapist, who also happens to be an sport fan. Sole Fitness went on to model a 2 degrees inward slope for these pedals that goes a long way in minimizing ankle and knee stress. Some of the most common challenges associated with quite a number of ellipticals for sale currently in the market, as noted by Richard Johnson at .

sole e95 inward slope

Additionally, this exercise equipment features an innovative foot pedal adjustment to compensate for virtually all users’ distinct walking style. These adjustments can be made through what its makers call the worm dial, which permits you to input the exact position you wish the foot pedals to be angled. This functionality also plays a critical role in minimizing numb toe effects and sore Achilles tendons (runners world). Finally, E95 comes with 4 rear wheels that ride on heavy-duty rails offering a smooth, stabilized feel that decreases side-to-side foot pedal motion.

It is important to note that this feature was until the introduction of the Sole E95 elliptical mostly available on expensive ellipticals for sales models.