The New Assembly Hall 2023

  • The Assembly Hall is a new large dome-shaped indoor fitness arena and center for elliptical fitness.
  • It is located on top (around the corner) of George Street Mall, which is the roof of the old PNC Arena.
  • The facility contains a large variety of cardio machines, free weights (light to very heavy), and machines specific to fitness equipment.
  • It also has a concession stand with packaged healthy and protein rich food and soft drinks.
  • The free weights section includes a specific dedicated CrossFit room with equipment like a sag-towel wall and big-bell-stands (for the pros).


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Assembly Hall Gearing Up: Sole E35 Elliptical Review (2022 UPDATE)

As we did last year, we have decided to update this review to cover the new 2022 model. Now many things are the same, but some has changed, the specs and figures in this post has been updated to reflect those changes. For a detailed look at the specifications of the brand new treadmill read the review we did last year.

The body is a pretty cool thing, but like anything else, if it is not kept fine-tuned, it ill begin to lose it luster, going into the next year and beyond, The Assembly Hall are shopping for new equipment, this is the results from our research and reading up on reviews on Sole Fitness equipment; a comprehensive review of the Sole E35 elliptical machine. Previously we have invested in the E35 big brother, the Sole E95, now it’s time to look into the Sole E35.

sole e35

Jogging, running and walking are extremely effective exercises because the muscle groups involved are of massive. Running is a fantastic way to get into shape and other benefits that include reduced disease risk, joint flexibility, musculoskeletal strength and tone, weight management, eliminating depression and stress and boosting one’s confidence.

Update Nov 14, 2022: Sole Fitness Black Friday Has Started

This time we would just quickly like to mention that this year’s, 2022, Black Friday sales has started. This year, 2022, as each years since back in 2017, you can find some very good Sole Fitness Black Friday deals on the (now) official Solef Fitness company website. So, if you would like to make an investment in a new and updated 2022 Sole Fitness elliptical trainer (or a treadmill for that matter) from Sole Fitness in North America, this is a great opportunity to get a great deal. With all that said, make sure to take advantage of this year’s Sole Fitness Black Friday deals. Sole Fitness is a global leader in the production of high quality elliptical trainers and treadmills. A premier provider of high-performance exercise equipment.

– The editor, Shawn, November 13, 2022

Elliptical Machines From Sole Fitness

Elliptical machines from Sole Fitness are basically stationary exercise machines that are mainly used to simulate walking, running or stair climbing without placing excessive pressure on the joints. They also provide resistance to exercise and help to build up the heart rate.

[Comparison of elliptical training, stationary cycling, treadmill walking and overground walking]

The use of elliptical machine gives great help in eliminating the three main reasons people avoid workout. Most of the times, individuals would skip exercises because it is so inconvenient to haul yourself to a gym. Bad weather can equally ruin outdoor workouts, and joint pain keep some people off from running. An elliptical machine by Sole offers low-impact workouts that strengthen the muscle and the cardiovascular system, all without leaving home. Sole Fitness also manufactures and sell treadmills.

Sole E35 Elliptical; Product Description & Short Review

sole e35 elliptical

The Sole E35 Elliptical; Incline, Start/Stop and Level Adjustment Controls.

For anyone looking for a total body workout to improve their appearance, shed off extra fat and make them have a killer physique, they should really review the SOLE E35 Elliptical machine as an serious alternative to reach their goals.

It is a machine that can help you trim and tone with its featured 20 levels of resistance and incline configuration. While working out, you can keep track of your heart rate with the built-in sensors that are on the stationary handlebars. It comes with an adjustable electronic console and 7.5 inches LDC display with built-in fans to keep you cool while working out. The Sole E35 elliptical features, as pointed out sharp-sightedness in this review, a 15-inch pedal with a 2-degree inward slopes to lessen all the impacts during the routine.

sole e35 elliptical foot pedals 1 sole e35 elliptical foot pedals 2

Elliptical trainers such as the E35 SOLE has been shown to be beneficial to over-all motor function, strength and knee pain for people with osteoarthritis: [ResearchGate Reviewed: Effects of elliptical training on pain, motor function, muscle strength and knee joint kinetics during walking in people with knee osteoarthritis].

Key Specs

sole e35 elliptical parts

The key sole e35 elliptical product specs are;

– Maximum user capacity of 375 lbs
– Elliptical Weight of 215 lbs
– Resistance level of 20
– Display: 7.5″ LCD, backbit blue
– Up/Down Adjustable Console
– 22″ Maximum stride Length
– A front Drive System
– Featured heart rate technologies include; Pulse grip and heart rate control programs and an inclusion of wireless chest strap compatible
– A built-in fan
– 15″ pedal size
– 3 position pin adjustable pedals
– Frame dimensions of 83″ length x 27″ width x 58″ height.
– 29 lbs flywheel
– AC power cord
– 110 Power Voltage

SOLE E35 Elliptical top-notch Summarized Components

Top of the features of the SOLE E35 elliptical product specs include;

  • It is an elliptical machine that provides challenging cardio workout and has a backlit display that helps one to track the essential training data.
  • It has adjustable pedals and console and inclines power adjustable stride with a 20-22 inch maximum stride length.
  • Had six standard programs, two custom programs and two heart rate programs.
  • The SOLE E35 elliptical mill is featured with a pulse grip and chest strap heart rate monitoring. a 7-inch display LCD console and front drive system that has the built-in fan.
  • The machine comes with a sound system and water bottle holder.
  • Has various warranties such as the lifetime of the frame, five years on electronics and parts and two years of labor to protect the machine against defects in material and workmanship.


  • Power adjustable elliptical with front drive system
  • 10 integrated workouts to fit your training needs (6 standard, 2 User Defines=d and 2 Heart Rate)
  • 20 levels of resistance and incline level to maximize the workout and target the specific muscles
  • 7.5″ LCD display to accurately show the fitness credentials.
  • Adjustable 15″ pedal with a 3-degree inward slope to mimic the natural the natural slide and lessen the impact
  • A pulse grip heart rate monitor and chest strap compatible to track the heart rate.
  • Built-in fans to keep you cool during the workouts
  • A whisper quiet drive system to allow the natural motion of fluid
  • Pedals function forward and backward to diversify the workouts and target the various muscle groups
  • A build in sound system with a 2-way cable for the iPod and MP3 player connections
  • A water bottle holder for the hydration
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: Lifetime frame, 5 years electronic and parts and 2-year labor


sole e35 elliptical flywheelMuch of the great machine performance is backed by its technology. It makes use of the quiet drive system of the machine’s 29-pound flywheel that is coupled by the machine’s high gear ration making the machine feel incredibly smooth to operate. The power incline contributes to its performance allowing the machine to use several different levels of resistance allowing the user to adjust the positions to enhance the cardio workout. The elliptical ramp can be adjusted to as low as 0 degree and as high as 30 degrees allowing one to have a good choice of the angles and effectively target most of the major muscle groups of the lower body.


  • sole e35 elliptical frameThe machine comes with a great frame and pedal features that are sure to be appreciated by a variety of users.
  • It has attracted a big positive user feedback.
  • The sole E35 comes with very solid warranties that are extremely useful is the elliptical happens to break.
  • Quality display screen- the displays screen of the SOLE E35 has a tone of useful information about the workout, showing the speed, total workout time and the distance traveled.


  1. There are few workout programs in addition to the manual mode.
  2. It is a large big and machine and if space saving is top your priority, this machine is off your list.
  3. No reading rack.

Final Verdict

The new 2022 model from Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical has consistently been voted and reviewed as a “Best Buy” ( and genuinely rated the top rated sole elliptical for the reasons that it gives you a full-body, aerobic workout while being gentle on your joints. This is because safety and comfort are uppermost in the design. There is the oversized features a 2-degree inward slope that maintains the body natural slope motion and reduces the impacts to the joint. For the more challenging and diverse workout, you can adjust the stride and add additional resistance by adjusting the incline. It’s a top-notch fitness machine to buy. We are particularly excited about Sole Fitness’s technology in the latest machine because it has the “Flow” feeling which provides the feeling of dynamic support.

Getting in right shape takes time, with a lot of dedication and tenacity. There is no need to feel uncomfortable or stressed at the gym when you can get fit at home with the use of an elliptical machine. Get the best elliptical machine for your needs and establish a regular workout routine to get totally fit in the comfort of your own home with the schedule that you choose. Send your questions regarding this review of the Sole E35 elliptical here.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Assembly Hall

Update: 22nd November 2022: Assembly Hall continue to follow the impact of covid-19 and official health recommendations. To avoid severe disease, it is important that everyone who is recommended to be vaccinated against covid-19 does so and that those who are offered refills take them. General vaccination against seasonal influenza began on 8 November. It is possible to combine vaccination against influenza with vaccination against covid-19. It is important that anyone who is ill stays at home and avoids close contact with others. In this way we reduce the spread of covid-19 as well as influenza and other respiratory viruses.

Update: 22nd November 2021: Assembly Hall closely follows the news and regulations regarding the world-wide outbreak of the coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19. All the pieces of the puzzle fit together, but the fear that the killer virus could be a direct agent of destruction to mankind would remain as well.

Researchers say their findings may have significant implications for decision-making in the 21st century. By reinterpreting scientific data and presenting it in a way that consumers understand and that helps them choose, they hope to reduce the number of untested drugs and may eventually reduce the overall use of the life-saving drug.

“We are trying to find new ways to inform decision-making for clinical practice in a way that is compatible with the current evidence base and avoids unnecessarily raising the expectations of patients,” said Claire Coleman, lead researcher and assistant professor in the university’s School of Medicine’s department of molecular and cellular medicine. “We hope that by continuing to present the strongest available evidence in a manner that is comprehensible to the general public”

Protect yourself and others around you when you’re working.

If you’ve already learned those things and you’re still unsure of how to protect yourself from the virus, seek expert advice from your health service — and follow that advice.

The Assembly Hall Team November 2022.

Assembly Hall Looking Into 2017 & Beyond: SOLE E25 vs Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro Review

The Assembly Hall are looking into future fitness equipment investments, these are our current thoughts on our equipment going into 2017 and beyond; the Sole E25 elliptical vs Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro review.

Fitness experts and enthusiasts are going gaga over the latest exercising machines that have been doing rounds. The newer models of the traditional one though still stand as a strong competitor to the new entrants. The elliptical trainers remain the most modest but best machines that help you in imitating your normal foot movement in smooth and continuous flow. The Sole Ellipticals, such as the Sole E25 Elliptical, are widely known for producing one of the simplest but efficient ellipticals that don’t throw you in fix with their technical jargon, find out more here. The Nordic Track ellipticals, such as the NordicTrack AutoStrider 990, on the other hand are known for their high performance and solid dynamic features on the cost of some other essential factors.

A brief comparison and mini-review between the two is provided to get the complete picture.

sole e25 elliptical 2

1. Framing – Different Reviews:

The Sole E25 employs a solidly built 38 mm steel frame that has enough capacity to bear heavy weights as much as 350 lbs. Known for its strong built, the heavy durable frame is one feature that stands it apart from its contenders. The oversized foot pedals with a two degree inward slant can reduce the knee and ankle stress substantially. The heavy base gives it enough support to bear heavy weights at high speed. With any other elliptical, you can expect a person of 250 lbs or more to be thrown over by the sheer force at high speeds but the enormous framing and firm base of Sole E25 will provide you with an exhilarating experience.

The custom designed foot pedals are an excellent addition to give it a more personalized touch.

The Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro is an elliptical you must purchase if you don’t have much space to place the machine. After completing the workout, you can easily fold the base up and save a lot of space. Power inclines, adjustable strides and transport wheels presence make it an excellent competitor with Sole E25.

2. Sole E25 Elliptical & AutoStrider 990 Display:

The Sole E25 features has an electronic console that has a flashy back lit LCD display in deep blue color. The electronic console comes with a speaker to hold your iPod or MP3 so that you can enjoy music while working out. The console also boasts a built-in cooling fan and a water bottle holder.

The Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro on the other hand includes a seven inch back-lit iFit display. Contrary to the Sole E25 elliptical, it has an alphanumeric message center. All the important stats are displayed here; your distance, time, speed, incline, calories and pulse rate.

It provides a great way to keep track of all the factors.

sole e25 elliptical console

sole e25 elliptical console 2

3. Pulse monitors:

The Sole E25 has stationary handle bars which have the built-in pulse sensors that exclusively keep track of your heart rate. For the more concerned ones, a chest strap-on to more accurately measure your heart rate is also provided.

The Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro on the other hand has EKG Heart rate pulse monitor that serves the same function as described earlier.

4. Adjustable resistance:

The Sole E25 has additional resistance that can be obtained through the power incline features. The incline ramp can be raised to any desired position by simply pushing a button. The ramp angle provides option of various adjustable positions. Twenty different incline positions can be selected to provide diverse workout options.

The Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro has twenty four different resistance levels that offer you great variety in your work out plan. The incline plane position can be quickly adjusted with the help of integrated quick touch handle controls.

A fast incline of 15% to 40% can be achieved by handling the control rightly.

5. On board program selection:

The on board program selection feature in Sole E25 is very strong. With a variety of options to help you in achieving your fitness goals, the Sole E25 has auto programs and the manual mode too for those who need cluster free resistance and incline adjustment. For those who enjoy workout programs, Sole E25 offers a lot of attractive and fun programs to accelerate your routine.

sole e25 elliptical left

sole e25 elliptical right

The on-board program selection in Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro is weakly designed. With very few options available for heart rate, work out and interval programs, it blatantly misses out the general important ones. Instead the focus is upon the muscle group targeting programs.

The deficiency can be fulfilled though if you have iFit membership since it implies access to hundreds of online work out modules.

6. Sole Fitness & NordicTrack Warranties:

The Sole E25 offers an additional three years warranty on electronic parts and a one year warranty on labor. The life time warranty stands in place along with these additional guarantees. The solid guarantees of Sole E25 make it an instant favorite with the peddlers.

On the other hand, the Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro though offers a life time warranty but it performs poorly when it comes to electrical parts warranty in comparison with other strong contenders in the market.

Warranties are an important determinant in the final purchase of an elliptical.

7. Sole E25 & AutoStride 990 Elliptical Pricing:

The Sole E25 is considered a strong and efficient elliptical according the views of experts and reviews of users. With all its attractive features, it stands at a price tag of $999.

The Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro on the other hand is mainly preferred due to its foldable base that is a plus point when you do not have much space in the house.

sole e25 elliptical 1

The Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro comes at a price tag of $1,499.

The shipping and assemblage charge for both also vary with assembly charges of Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro standing at $249 and the assembly charges of Sole E25 standing at $239.

Before choosing a one, it is essential that you go through all the prominent features and put off points of Sole E25 and Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro. Often a last minute distinction is made with some going for the high quality heart rate monitors of Sole E25 while others opt for the excellent display of Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro. Apart from this, distinction is also made on the on-board program selection features, in which Sole E25 takes the win. Other features upon which a wide selection is made is the adjustable stride length.

References & Consumer Reviews:

Sole E25 elliptical provides a 20 inch stride length whereas Nordic Track AutoStride 990 Pro provides a variable stride length of 20 to 23 inch.

New Assembly Hall Equipment: Sole E95 elliptical review

The Assembly Hall is investing in new equipment, and the following is review of the Sole E95 elliptical machine geared for those individuals that may be on the lookout for the ideal exercise machine to invest in.

This product is undoubtedly one of the many popular ellipticals for sale that comes at a comparative affordable price tag. Most especially when you take into consideration its features and functionalities. With this exercise equipment you will be able to effortlessly work out both your body’s lower and upper sections without having to invest in two separate machines, i.e. ElliptiGO. The E95 also features plenty of innovative features that make sure you can significantly reduce the risks of injuries that are prevalent in most other alternatives.

sole e95 elliptical 1


sole e95 elliptical 2


Let us now take a closer look at what the Sole E95 elliptical has to offer.

The Sole E95 elliptical comes with a straightforward LCD console, quiet drive system and 34 lbs flywheel.

sole e95 elliptical console 1

sole e95 elliptical console 2

This Sole Elliptical E95 2015 model comes with a commercial grade 9” blue LCD display (favorable reviews by Men’s Fitness) that is extremely easy to use, and offers virtually all the functionalities of a health club machine. Through this console’s various windows you will be able to accurately monitor critical variables such as distance, calories burned, speed and even pulse rate. This one of a kind console has built-in cooling fans and a handy water bottle holder, both of which can make your workouts infinitely more convenient. It also features built-in speakers that you can connect with your iPod or MP3 player to able to listen to your favorite tunes while exercising.

sole elliptical e95 speakers

The E95 integrates a total natural fluid motion operation that is facilitated by its quiet drive system. While also been a position to function in both forward and reverse motion, which enables you to select the ideal mode that matches your needs and preferences. This elliptical machine also comes with a suitable combination of a 34 pounds flywheel and a high gear ratio that cannot be found in most alternatives within its price range. Using the Sole E95 elliptical, this allows for a smooth feel that factors in loads of resistance at the top end for a much more vigorous workout.

Power incline, comprehensive workout of both lower and upper body sections in ellipticals on sale

This kind of revolutionary ellipticals on sale also has a power incline functionality that provides extra resistance and permits the execution of variable workout positions.

Ensuring the user can easily diversify his or her exercise regimen by simply pressing a button. This machine’s ramp angle can is totally adjustable from the 0 degrees position to a maximum of 40 degrees.

sole e95 ramp angle

This allows users to comprehensively target individual core muscles found in the lower part of the body. The E95 also features an upper body workout functionality that provides for total body exercising to enable the user to realize his or her fitness objectives in a relatively hassle-free manner.

Adjustable hand grips, hands-free heart rate monitoring

This elliptical machine also comes with an adjustable hand grip for an infinitely more comfortable workout with incline and resistance buttons integrated into the handles.

sole elliptical e95 hand grips

It features stationary handlebars that have built-in pulse sensors that facilitate for effective heart rate monitoring. The whole package includes a wireless heart rate chest strap that offers hands-free pulse rate monitoring. This device has been thoroughly analyzed and proven to have a remarkable accuracy of 99.9% which speaks volume of the capabilities of this exercise equipment.

Not to mention its been compatible with 6 automatic workout programs and 2 fully customizable ones.

Oversized foot pedals, 4 rear wheels on the Sole elliptical E95 model

The Sole Fitness E95 features unique oversized foot pedals which have been overlaid with long lasting foam cushioning to enhance the comfort of the user.

sole elliptical e95 foot pedals

These foot pedals were designed hand in hand with an acclaimed physical therapist, who also happens to be an sport fan. Sole Fitness went on to model a 2 degrees inward slope for these pedals that goes a long way in minimizing ankle and knee stress. Some of the most common challenges associated with quite a number of ellipticals for sale currently in the market, as noted by Richard Johnson at .

sole e95 inward slope

Additionally, this exercise equipment features an innovative foot pedal adjustment to compensate for virtually all users’ distinct walking style. These adjustments can be made through what its makers call the worm dial, which permits you to input the exact position you wish the foot pedals to be angled. This functionality also plays a critical role in minimizing numb toe effects and sore Achilles tendons (runners world). Finally, E95 comes with 4 rear wheels that ride on heavy-duty rails offering a smooth, stabilized feel that decreases side-to-side foot pedal motion.

It is important to note that this feature was until the introduction of the Sole E95 elliptical mostly available on expensive ellipticals for sales models.